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Welcome to Smith, Frank & Partners

Our mission is to analyze our client’s complex financial landscape and provide customized solutions that will help advance them toward accomplishing their financial goals. We focus on C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who require highly specialized financial and advisory services. Our services include personal financial planning, wealth management, and risk management. Each division of Smith, Frank & Partners specializes in a specific financial discipline and works as a team to help achieve your financial objectives.

Building Your Financial Independence

We provide personalized and thoughtful guidance to assist clients in helping achieve their financial goals and the tools necessary to make informed decisions to preserve their financial future. We create a detailed financial blueprint and act as a personal CFO working closely with our clients to understand their unique situation and goals, helping them work through the obstacles that may stand in the way of building their financial future.

As their financial architect, we help maintain a balance between sustaining their lifestyle and leaving a legacy. Our clients take comfort knowing that we have the experience necessary to put their personalized plan in place and the expertise to guide them.

Financial Planning

Our advisors develop comprehensive strategies for clients that allow them to make informed financial decisions.

Investment Management

We specialize in tailoring investment strategies to fit our client's current situation while identifying future opportunities.

Risk Management

We assist clients in developing a plan in the event that they live longer than expected, die too soon, or get sick or hurt and have a loss of income.

Our Services

Aligning Your Future

We believe financial planning promotes balance and coordination across all areas of your life.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

Our mission is to defend your best interests. While uncertainties are a part of life, our process helps keep you in control.

Managing Your Wealth

We draw upon a broad range of investments to help deliver the most effective wealth strategies.

Planning for Retirement

Through our process, we’ll help simplify retirement planning so you can face the future with confidence.

Paying for College

Rising education costs require a forward-thinking plan. Education accounts will assist in funding post high school qualified expenses.

Consulting Services

In our opinion, an independent advisory process offering comprehensive consulting services is key to creating value in the business.